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Naming conventions

Hello there! To whoever still lurks around this community, I have a question to ask. Do you want to use the western naming convention (forename-surname, e.g. Aoba Suzukaze) or do you prefer to stick with the current Japanese naming convention (surname-forename, e.g. Suzukaze Aoba).

I'll make a poll somewhere, so vote there and/or discuss here. If no votes or comments are made by the end of the month, we'll stick with the current last name - first name format.

Edit: the poll has been made. Cast your votes at the main page!
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The poll has been archived, and it looks like people prefer the western naming order. I'll wait a few more days to give a chance for people to voice their opinion. If there are no further objections by then, we'll begin renaming the character pages (as well as their sub-pages).
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