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Character page rename

With no further objections, we went ahead and renamed character pages to the western (forename surname) format. We also decided to rename the characters to their 'official' spellings, as seen on their character sheets (obtained from All that's left is to edit old links to point to the new pages (e.g. if a page links to Suzukaze Aoba, edit it so it links to Aoba Suzukaze). If you have any questions/objections/opinions, discuss it here or contact an admin.
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I think there is mistake with Christina because her second name (Wako) is written first and fisrt should be Christina.
So it's written as Christina Wako Yamato? I wasn't sure what the order was, so I just flipped the name (plus Wikipedia uses Wako Christina Yamato).
Okay, so I watched a dubbed episode (season 2 episode 7) and Aoba referred to Christina as Christina Wako Yamato. I'll change the page name. Thanks for informing!
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