If you take a look at any character pages on this wiki, there are links to their sub-pages for relationships and image galleries.

I originally made it this way for two reasons:
1. Some pages already had them when I adopted the wiki, so I made more to keep consistency.
2. The pages were also very long, so I thought splitting up the articles into multiple pages would help reduce the wall of text.

However, now I think these sub-pages are under developed, and it's just bumping up the page count for no reason. So I considered merging them into a single article.

This is a pretty drastic decision. It will reduce our page count and make character pages even longer. So I made a poll at our front/main page. I made a poll here as well, since mobile users won't see the poll. The total votes will be added after enough votes/feedback is received.

So, what will it be? Merge the pages into a single article, or leave them as it is?