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Hotaru is the anemic art club president who Suzukaze Aoba and Sakura Nene managed to befriend with in their last year in High School. She is currently studying at France.



Hotaru is very nice, caring, polite girl and she's not easily angered. She loves puns and usually laugh at her own jokes or other lame ones. She's a hard worker and tends to overexert herself. She's also not good at handling peer pressure and easily influence like when Aoba and Nene unintentionally pressure her in saying yes on illustrating a novel and how she manage to adapt easily to customs in France. She get passed out really easily.

Relationship Edit

Suzukaze Aoba Edit

Hotaru meet Aoba when the latter and Nene wander in the art club room. She manage to recruit Aoba to be part of the art club. The two became very close friends. There are times Hotaru acts like a mentor to Aoba in drawing.

Sakura Nene Edit

Hotaru meet Nene when the latter accompanied Aoba to the Art Club. Even without skills in art, Hotaru recruit Nene to be a member of art club. The two became very close friends.

Hidaka Chinatsu Edit

Being the Art Club President, Hotaru is close to the advisor Chinatsu. Chinatsu shows great deal of concern to Hotaru's health when she was illustrating a light novel.


She is one of Suzukaze Aoba's high school friends who was studying abroad in France before returning to Japan.


  • While still in High School, Hotaru's drawing are already the likes of a professional, the reason why she get request for professional works like illustrating light novels.
  • Hotaru is one of the two people who help Aoba to get better drawing by giving her advice and pointers.

Older version of her character picture

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