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One of Eagle Jump's character designer who tends to wear gothic lolita outfit for work.

Appearance Edit

Yun has a blonde hair, light pink eyes. She often wears a gothic lolita dress to work.

Before Yun graduated High School she looks pretty dorky and nerdy. Not to mention the nerdy glasses she wore. She threw the said glasses to an open sea and promise to change appearance thus her gothic lolita outfit.

Personality Edit

Yun is very conscious of her appearance and weight. Although she worries about her weight, she hates every form of exercise. She have a tendency to buy elegant clothes and commonly uses it as her work outfit. She also usually dress like a slob at home. Yun has no alcohol tolerance.

It is implied that Yun isn't sure about her future in the Job impression interview chapter.


Shinoda Hajime Edit

Yun is easily annoyed by Hajime and it usually ended into a friendly banter. The two are very close that Yun's younger siblings knows and even calls Hajime onee-chan.

Suzukaze Aoba Edit

Aoba is Yun's Kohai. Aoba is the reason to Yun's change of perspective and starts working hard.

Yagami Kou Edit

Kou is Yun's superior. She usually asks Yun for cool looking monsters for the FS 3. Yun thinks highly of Kou to the point that she think that no one can beat Kou in character design contests, well, until Aoba managed to.


Yun, together with Hajime, joined Eagle Jump a year prior to Aoba's employment.

Plot (Manga) Edit

Volume 1 (Chapter 1-12.5)

Yun was introduced by Hajime to Aoba while she prepare a snacks. She asked Aoba her progress and the latter answered. Yun and Hajime started talking about their first experience and about a certain rumor which of Hifumi, who joins them, stated that it's true. Kou walked in and told the four that they're still on clock and handed Aoba her ID.

When Aoba's first 3D was rejected, Yun talked to her and tried cheering her up by stating that she likes the former's 3D character

Later at night, Yun joined the Welcome Party for Aoba. She told Aoba that the latter can't drink alcohol and Aoba asked if she's already drunk and told her not to sleep yet. After the welcome party, Yun was escorted by Hajime home.

Days later, Yun was talking to Hajime about the motions of the 3D character created by Aoba. Yun noticed Aoba looking at them curiously and decided to tease the latter a bit. While they are talking, Kou walked in and asked Aoba and Hajime to buy tablet pen for Rin. When the two came back with Hajime acting weird, Yun laughed at Hajime stating that it's not like her resulting to Hajime running away.

Next Morning, while Aoba was having an internal monologue, Yun popped up and asked Aoba what's wrong. The two talked about being late. Aoba told Yun that they should run to make it on time. Yun asked Aoba's running form and decided to run with the latter when Aoba stated she's bad a running. When the train arrived at their stop, the two started running and Yun found out that Aoba's much slower than her. She encourage Aoba, giving her a hand to hold on. While Aoba reached for Yun's hand, she tripped.

Yun and Aoba walked in the character team booth with Hifumi. Kou started drilling on them, specially Aoba. Hifumi and Yun told Kou what happened to Aoba outside the building. Kou apologized to Aoba and said that the three needed to submit their tardy slips but she will not marked them as late. Later, Kou called them, asked about their tardy slip and told them to redo it.

Bonus (On their Days Off?) - Aoba asked Hifumi, Hajime and Yun what they do in their days off. Yun answered that it's a secret and Hajime asked her the reason why it is. She told Hajime the reason is also a secret. (Yun's Days Off.) - Yun was playing when her little siblings walked in and started crying at her.

When they received their salary statement, Yun stated that Hajime mostly used her money to buy collectibles. Aoba asked Yun, Hajime, Hifumi and Rin how they used their first paycheck and Yun answered that she buy clothes. They watched when Kou walked in and had a little banter with Rin for not remembering what they did on their first paycheck. Yun asked Aoba if she feel a bit lonely for not having someone join the same time she did and Aoba answers that she guessand told them that she doesn't feel lonely cause they act like Aoba's age. Yun told Aoba that they act childish so Aoba can interact with them in ease.

When Aoba decided not to have lunch, Yun gave her a pack of snack. Aoba stated that she'll pay Yun back and Yun said that she should pay her double.

Days later, Yun asked Aoba when the latter gets her first character designing task. She and Hajime told Aoba about their experience on a character design competition they were forced to join. Yun asked Aoba what kind of character she needed to draw and the two immediately thought that it's an Aoba character when Aoba stated the specifications.

Later, Aoba asked Yun what happen on meetings when Kou and Rin was called into one. Yun answered that they're a report available n computer. Hajime butted in and stated that their superiors talks about problems that might exist. The three started reenacting a meeting. Aoba asked Hifumi's status report, Hifumi told them that the number of characters and days left didn't match up and Aoba and Yun exclaimed in shock. When Kou and Rin came back, they asked the character ddesign team to either work late or at weekend. Yun stated that she'll work on weekend.

Volume 2 (Chapter 13-25)

Yun greeted Aoba and Hajime and stated that it's hot. Aoba noticed Yun wearing a long sleeves and Yun stated that she fine like that. Yun had her inner monologue and heard Aoba talking to Hajime about losing weight. Yun asked the two if they're talking about dieting and Aoba stated that her arms are getting chubby which indirectly hurt Yun. Aoba asked Yun if she's the type to diet behind scene and Hajime stated that she don't care and it's cold when Yun answered that she doesn't do anything making Yun call her stupid.

Yun began to sweat and told herself that Hajime really turned it up. She thought that if she sweat she'll lose weight. When Kou turned the thermostat down and hide, Yun turned it up and she was reprimand by Kou. Hajime walked in and claimed that she's the first person who turned the thermostat up and the two bicker with Yun in the middle. Rin walked in and scold the three.

Days later, Yun participated to Eagle Jump's Annual employee check-up. She sees Aoba's bra and asked the latter its brand. Few minutes after, they greeted Rin and ask what happened to Kou. Rin answered but Kou rebutted and said that they watch out for a nurse. Aoba was called and Yun and Hajime watched how nervous the bespectacled nurse assigned with Aoba was. The two started praying to be called by the older nurse but the older nurse left them in care of the bespectacled nurse. Later, after Yun's measurement was taken, the nurse complimented Hajime's slender waist. Yun touched Hajime's waist and stated she'll allow it making Hajime confused. After the check-up, Kou invited the gang to eat, Hajime stated that it's the former's treat making Yun ask for a low calorie foods.

A few days later, Yun was introduced by Aoba to her bestfriend Nene who started working as a part-time debugger. She said that Nene is shy even after causing a huge commotion.

One day, When Kou, Hifumi and Aoba giave box of donuts to other teams, Hajime and Yun brought another 2 boxes making Aoba said it multiplied.

Yun, Aoba and Hajime received tickets and business cards from Kou. Yun watched as Aoba and Hajime exchange business card in wrong way and Kou stated that its wrong. Yun told Kou that she also don't know how to and Kou taught them after Hajime asked Kou if she just forgot to do so. Then, the three left for the game exhibit after talking with Nene and Umiko.

The three stopped at the Fairies Story 3 exhibit and was a little embarrass to see their works at the screen. They watched the teaser, renewing their vigor. After coming back to their workplace, Aoba stated to Kou that they'll do their best and the three started working again.

When Nene walked in and asked for Aoba, Yun answered saying that Aoba hasn't come back yet. Nene asked Yun about Aoba's works and Yun answered truthfully. Yun became curious when Nene left immediately.

Days after vacation, Yun and Aoba read the Fairies Story 3 strategy guide. Aoba called Kou, making Hajime and Hifumi look too. Yun complimented Kou.

When, the Fairies Story 3 was released, Yun and the others stand in the line to get the game's extra. They talked about the comments about the game and how nervous they are to be at the selling side. After buying, they met up with Nene who bought the game from another store. They talked about the games extra until Nene accidentally blurted a spoiler.

Yun attended the Celebration Party. She told Hajime to just be honest when the latter called Kou for autograph.


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