Aoba Suzukaze Edit

Aoba is Nene's Childhood friend since pre-school. The two care for each other and cherishes their friendship. Aoba often accompanies Nene to Otaku conventions.

Hajime Shinoda Edit

Hajime is Nene's fast friend because of being an otaku. The two are in sync when talking about otaku stuffs.

Umiko Ahagon Edit

Umiko is Nene's supervisor when she was beta-testing Fairies Story 3. The two have a comical relationship. Nene looks up to Umiko to the point that the former daydreams that Umiko is praising her on her progress in programming. Umiko became Nene's mentor when the latter shows interest in programming.

Hotaru Hoshikawa Edit

Hotaru was Nene's and Aoba's friend during highschool. They were in the same club along with Aoba.

Tsubame Narumi Edit

They started off on good terms, but their relationship quickly turned sour and they became rivals. After learning Tsubame's background, Nene understood why she treats her coldly and helped debug her problematic codes.