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Hajime, Shinoda (篠田 はじめ) is a member of the motion the company Eagle Jump. Though she is a member of the motion team, her desk is with the character team due to being short a desk.

Appearance Edit

Of the Eagle Jump group, Shinoda has the most tomboy appearance: she has short, brown hair, and wears a blue hoodie on top of a yellow tank-top, with black shorts and blue shoes.

Personality Edit

Other than her appearance, Hajime also acts like a tomboy. She likes riding her bike to work, buying toys, models and figures and even keeping her hair short. She also likes watching anime specially those who have heroes.

Hajime is not good at spending her money and constantly on the borderline of being broke cause of buying to many toys and watching hero shows.

She is also a collector to the point that if she wants something, she will have no qualms of buying it.

Relationship Edit

Iijima Yun Edit

Yun is Hajime's co-worker who started working at Eagle Jump the same time as hers. Hajime usually poke fun and annoys Yun which always ends with a playful banter. The two are very close and usually hangs with each other after work.

Suzukaze Aoba Edit

Aoba is Hajime's Kohai. Hajime tries to act as a senpai to Aoba which usually ends up a complete failure.

Sakura Nene Edit

Nene and Hajime both loves anime and shares the same quirk on owning limited edition items to the point they're even in sync when talking about it. Thus, the two become fast friends.


Hajime started working at Eagle Jump together with Yun a year prior to Aoba's employment. At that time, there's no open space at the motion design team booth so she was forced to take the open space at the character design team.


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