Shotaro Tokuno (得能正太郎 Tokunō Shōtarō, born February 15, 1985[1]) is the author of the New Game! manga, which was later adapted into an anime series.

Shotaro was in charge of the scenario for episode 9 of New Game! and the script for episode 5 of New Game!!. Shotaro has also created Komorebi no Kuni, and is one of the authors for the Sakura Trick anthology comic. He has also done illustrations for several light novels.

In 2017, Shotaro won tenth place for Best Character Design for the Newtype Anime Awards 2017[2] with Ai Kikuchi.


  • Ghost Write (Art)
  • Grimoire: Ore no Nounai Kanojo Nikki (Art)
  • Komorebi no Kuni (Story & Art)
  • New Game! (Story & Art)
  • Ran☆Koi: Konyakusha wa 16-nin!? (Art)
  • Sakura Trick: Anthology Comic (Story & Art)
  • Sore ga Doushita! (Art)
  • Survived Five (Art)
  • Youkoso, Fairy's Inn e! (Art)

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