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Suzukaze, Aoba (涼風 青葉) is a rookie character designer for the company Eagle Jump.

Appearance Edit

Aoba looks like a middle school student, which is often pointed out by her friends and co-workers. Her hair and eyes are both light purple. She is often shown wearing a suit that she bought during her last year of high school, which is supposed to make her look like a mature woman, only for others to comment that her suit makes her look more like a middle school student since it has a strong resemblance to a school uniform.

Personality Edit

Aoba has a cheerful personality and is very polite. She strives to do her best for the company Eagle Jump. She has a childish side to her, especially when it comes to things that she likes, such as her favorite games. She is hardworking and is loyal to her friends. Due to her earnest personality, she is able to earn the respect and trust of both her colleagues and her superiors in the company.


Takimoto HifumiEdit

Hifumi is Aoba's co-worker and friend. Due to Aoba's earnest personality and willingness to become friends with Hifumi, they are now close friends.

Yagami KouEdit

Kou is Aoba's superior. Aoba admires Kou as her idol, and was inspired to be a character designer by Kou's involvement in the first Fairies Story game.

Sakura NeneEdit

Nene has been Aoba's friend since pre-school. Despite Nene not being an artist, she still accompanied Aoba as a member of the Art club. Nene cares for Aoba very much, and Aoba cherishes her friendship.


Aoba is a high school graduate who joins the company of Eagle Jump at the start of the series. She is assigned to character design and is tasked with making 3D models, and later making character designs.

Aoba has been friends with Nene since pre-school. They are both fans of the game Fairies Story, which was a game developed by Eagle Jump.

Plot (Manga) Edit

Volume 1 (Chapter 1-12.5)

The story begins with Aoba's job interview. She introduces herself to interviewers and explains her specialty. However, her stomach growls and she says the wrong words. The interviewers ask if she skipped her breakfast, then she tells them that would be annoying if she went to toilet during the interview. Once again her stomach growls and she is embarrassed.

Then the story revolves in her house while she prepares to go to her work place for first time. Aoba passes the freshman of high school and encourages her. Later she arrives at train station and come inside the train, but she complains how crowded it is. She gets out and finds her work place (Eagle Jump), she wants to go inside the building but wonders if she can do it. Toyama Rin meets her and warns that child can’t go inside it. Aoba nodes, but she realizes it. Grabbing her arm and says that she is new employee.

Rin apologizes and introduces herself as Eagle Jump AD. Aoba is surprised and asks if she is really busy as AD. However, Rin states that she is an Art Director, not an Assistant Director like she thinks. Aoba kneels down and apologizes to her. Rin shows the office and asks her if she wants to drink something. Aoba says that she wants black coffee.

When she is about to start her work, she get scared by seeing legs on floor. She takes keyboard, thinking that is ghost. But what she finds is a woman who is sleeping with only her underwear. The woman wakes up and believes Aoba is middle school student. Rin comes with two cups of drinks and tells her to put on her pants. She gives a cup drink to her friend but she complains its taste. Later she swaps her drink with Aoba’s drink and replies that she has mature taste. Aoba tries to drink and coughs. That woman is surprised because Aoba can’t actually drink it.

The woman asks Aoba if she can guess her age. Aoba is thinking about it and she just can’t answer it randomly. Then she sees the old picture of Fairy Stories 1 and compliments it because it inspired her to work as character designer on this company. The woman says, it was her first project on her work. After hearing that, she answer her age is 30. But she complains and says her age is still 25. She explains that she joined after graduating from high school. Then Rin asks Aoba if she can also guess her age. Aoba says 23, but the woman screams that Rin has the same age as her. Then, the woman introduces herself as Yagami Kou, who designed the character on previous Fairy Stories. Aoba, who is astonished, tells them, she will do her best in this company.

The story starts again after Aoba Introduces herself to other employees. Officially she becomes Eagle Jump Employee. Yagami asks if she has learnt to make 3D picture before coming here. Aoba replies, she knows how to draw but she hasn’t learnt about making 3D. Yagami says it is okay and she gives her basic book for making 3D picture. She tells her to learn from that book and leaves her.

Aoba tries to pull it on her computer but she doesn’t know how to use the program. Then she tries to ask someone on her team but is confused by their weird habits (first she sees woman plays a sword toy while doing her work). Still confused, Aoba notices that one of her member team hasn’t come to her desk. Not long after that, a woman comes and sits on her chair. Aoba introduces herself and the woman tells her name is Takimoto Hifumi. Aoba is still trying to learn and decides to ask Hifumi.

As Aoba asks Hifumi, she becomes panicked and tries to talk with her. After seeing her like that, she stays away and works again to figure it out. Yagami, who sees it, is laughing at them and sends a note on computer how to talk with Hifumi then she leaves as she a meeting with Rin. Aoba reads that and tries to talk with her by using specific social media on computer. She sends her a message and asks about how to use tool box on the program. Hifumi explains it and tells to get along with her. Aoba is happy and believes she can make it. Yagami returns from her meeting and finds, Aoba sends her a new message. She is shocked and calls Aoba to her desk. Aoba apologizes and she tells her to be careful to say something.

Yagami goes out to toilet. But she finds Aoba is sitting and crying at outside office. She asks why and Aoba replies that she doesn’t have ID card so she can’t return to her desk. Yagami complains it to the management but Rin asks her if she has taken Aoba’s photo for ID card and she just remembers it. Then, she takes her for making her photo.

Yagami prepares her camera, but asks her why she uses school uniform. Aoba says that she is wearing a suit and Yagami thinks it looks like uniform. She tells her to wear it properly and unbuttoned her collar suit but she sees that Aoba is way too young so it doesn’t look good on her. She says “never mind”, however Aoba knows what she is thinking. Yagami turns on her camera but the room is too dark. She asks Shinoda Hajime to use her light-saber so she can take her photo. She tells Aoba to wait. Then, Aoba decides to take a little break. Shinoda Hajime introduces herself and her co-worker Iijima Yun. They eat small snacks and Hifumi joined them.

Aoba asks anything about Yagami and Hajime answers that she is strict and good leader for his team but she also has bad habits. Yagami hears it and hits her head. She gives Aoba her ID card and tells them not to slack off. Aoba returns to her desk and continues her work, but then she has to go to toilet. Again Yagami find her crying as forgot taking her ID when she got out to toilet.

Aoba gives her finished art work to Yagami and she checks it. Yagami replies that her 3D is good, but it still looks stiff and people would think it is boring. She tells her to redo her art work and give it again next day. Aoba returns to her desk then continues her work.

One week before this story chapter, Yagami showed her NPCs that she made for Fairy Stories 3 Project. Aoba was amazed by her design and ordered to make one character design as villager. Aoba happily accepted it and designed it. However, until now she hasn’t submitted her work and Yagami still complains because her art work is still incomplete. She is tired now and about to cry. Hajime and Yun reply that how she does her job as team leader and is quite strict.

Next day, Aoba is still trying to repair her design. Rin sees her work and tells her to go home. Aoba refuses as she hasn’t completed it, however she is shocked that time shows almost 11 p.m. and prepares to go home. Rin decides to walks together with her. In train, Rin asks if her parent ever worry about her when she is out for work. Aoba replies, they do worry about her and her mom always tells her to be careful that her skin will get worse if she stays late. This surprises Rin as they don’t worry her safety.

Then Rin says her art work is good enough for game character. Aoba doesn’t get it and asks why Yagami still criticizes her work if it’s good enough. Rin believes that she doesn’t want her to get satisfied for only being good and wish for her improvement. She bids “good bye” and leaves Aoba. After reconsidering, Aoba encourages herself not to give up and keep trying until she gets good comment from Yagami.

Tomorrow, she shows her art work again and finally Yagami accepts it as good quality design. Yagami replies, she needs to work faster than before as it took more than one week to complete one character. Then she plans to give Aoba another job and she must finish it in three days. Aoba mutters about it but she is happy that she could finish her first art work.

After doing her work, Aoba is invited to welcome party for new comer in Eagle Jump Company. They already reserved small restaurant for this before celebrating it. In dinner, Yagami jokingly gives her spicy food (she puts it on Aoba mouth) and teases her. Aoba sees Hifumi enjoying her alcohol and Yun mocks her because she is still under-aged to drink them. Yagami asks if Aoba has boyfriend, but she says that she doesn’t have one. Rin gets drunk and says the same thing.

Then Rin tells Aoba to pour beer on her glass. She does it, but Rin complains that is not how to pour alcohol and asks Yagami to do it. Aoba is amazed and Hajime tells her not to be impressed by that. Hifumi asks Aoba to order one special alcohol for her. She follows her and is confused after seeing its price. She replies in mind that its price is equal to one volume of Manga. Hifumi gets her order and Aoba wonder its taste. She wants to try it and is about to drink it.

Suddenly a waitress comes to their table. She is scared and stops it, telling that she hasn’t done anything bad. However, the waitress says that the restaurant will close its kitchen and asks them if they want to order last menu. On her smart-phone, Aoba reads Hifumi message not to drink alcohol because she is still under-aged. Aoba complains that she could have told it sooner. The party is over, Hajime decides to bring Yun to her home and Hifumi has already gone home. Aoba, Yagami, and Rin walk together to visit a bar. Aoba doesn’t want to drink alcohol and orders “Orange Blossom”, but Yagami says that is alcohol.

Few days later, Hajime is making movement on Aoba’s character design. She is embarrassed that someone else is playing with her design. Yun notices it, and softly teases her while talking to Hajime. Aoba, who is angry, tells her to stop it. Yun replies, she can’t help it because Aoba is cute. But Hajime feels embarrassed as her junior praises her job.

On another desk, Rin complains that her ballpoint (for making design on computer) is worn out and asks Yagami if she has a spare ballpoint. Yagami doesn’t have and smirks. Then, she asks Aoba and Hajime to buy few of new ballpoints. They arrive to market and choose it. However, Aoba forgot taking her wallet and to make matters worse, Hajime doesn’t have her wallet and believes that she dropped it.

Aoba goes back to company to check it and Hajime calls herself “useless senior”. Hajime is waiting at service room and says it’s unfair because Aoba is still teen and cute (she is 21 years old). Not long after that, Aoba comes back and shows Hajime’s wallet. She tells Hajime that she forgot to take it and was on her desk. She cries, after buying those ballpoints, they are going back to Company office. Hajime still envies Aoba and asks her if she is cute while making cute pose. Aoba, confused by that, calls her cute.

They are back at office and Hajime gives new items to Yagami. She doesn’t understand Hajime “weird” cute face and asks Aoba. But, she knows nothing. Yun mocks her by saying that she has persona conflict. Hajime says, she knows it and runs away while crying.

Aoba gets out of her bathroom and receives a call from someone. It turns out that the caller is her childhood friend, Sakura Nene. In her smart phone, Nene complains that her classmates treat her like middle-school student. Aoba says it would happen because her short body and her childish attitude. Then, Nene asks what she has been doing since she joined that Company as new worker. She explains that she has been learning what adults do like buying alcohol and designing character for game. Nene is surprised and says, she has a naughty girl. Aoba cuts the call and go sleeping on her room.

In next morning, Aoba wakes up, but she realizes that she overslept and is already late for coming to work. Inside the train, Aoba grumbles, she forgot that her mother was not on her home so she couldn’t wake up on time. But she would be like school student if she said like that to Yagami or Rin. She imagines about what punishment she would get and she thinks, Yagami would likely order her to sleep overnight at office, with only her underwear. She sighs and Yun finds her depressed in the train. Aoba is surprised, but Yun says, it can’t be helped and sometimes, this thing could happen.

Aoba plans to run after getting out of the train and asks Yun to do the same. But she recalls that she is bad at running and Aoba admits that she was the worst at physical test during her days on school. But Aoba encourages her and not long after that they begin running to their work place. In other place, Yagami complains about it and she has to scold them for being late. Aoba and Yun are still running and they are tired. Yun tells Aoba to hold her hand, but she falls (her head lands to street in first time she falls).

They arrive at the office and Yagami is scolding them. However, she is confused by a wound on Aoba’s fore head and asks her. Hifumi just arrives and tells her that Aoba fell while running to the office. Yagami feels sorry for them and Rin replies, she should have asked their reasons. She tells them to fill tardy report. But she is angry because of their reason and says that she is dizzy (Aoba and Yun write “overslept” while Hifumi writes “being late because her breakfast was delicious”). The story ends as it reveals Hajime and Yun activity on their days-off.

Aoba just gets her first paycheck statement as she has worked for one month. Aoba gets flustered, but says that she expected to get real money. She explains what she would say if she got real money on her first salary, like “it’s not enough for me” or “whoa! This is so much!” Rin wonders if she is really 18 years old. Rin explains to her that she can get a raise on her salary if she gets better at her work. Hajime tells her that she did get a little raise on her other salaries. Aoba still doesn’t understand about her because she is worker, who is specialized in animation program but stays with character team.

Rin reveals, she doesn’t have another room for her in animation team so she must stay with another team. But Aoba knows that team desk is next to her team room. Hajime and Yun ask her what she will do to use her first salary. Aoba hasn’t decided about it and says perhaps she will save it on bank. She returns to her work and still thinks how she will use it. Aoba remembers that her suit was quite expensive and she decides to give her parent a little gift. After getting home, she gives her parent a present, which is a cake.

At night, Aoba is still designing her art work for NPCs and Yagami gives her comments so she can repair its error. Aoba realizes, it’s really late and goes home. In this chapter, she doesn’t participate too much as it focuses on conversation between Rin and Yagami. Next morning, she comes to her office and finds that both Yagami and Rin are half-naked, without putting on a pant. She misunderstands and apologizes to them.

Yun and Hajime go out to lunch and ask Aoba to join them. She refuses as she intends to finish her job, then Yun gives her a pack of wafers so she can eat while doing her job. Aoba asks Hifumi if she is hungry, but she replies that she had eaten her breakfast with her friend, Soujiro. She wonders about it and Hifumi shows the photo. Aoba is surprised that Soujiro is Hedgehog and praises Hifumi’s smile on photo. She gets shocked and tells her to forget it by giving her money.

However, Aoba says her smile is not really bad and cute. She tries to smile but is embarrassed. Aoba helps and tells her to smile in front of Soujiro’s photo. Yagami finds them strange and gives Aoba a rice ball. Hifumi pats Aoba’s head as her way of eating rice ball is like soujiro’s way. On her home, she asks Soujiro if it likes her smile. But it just hides to its cage. Next morning, Hifumi brings her breakfast to cafeteria and tells Aoba that Soujiro dislikes her smile. The chapter ends and it reveals Hifumi, Yagami, and Rin activity on days-off.

The story tells when Aoba was child and played Fairy Stories for first time. On this event, she was inspired to become character designer and learnt that Yagami Kou was the character designer. Returning to the present day, Aoba has just finished her art for Villagers in game. Yagami gives her a new job to make a new character for main story on game. Yun praises her work and Hajime says that she broke down at her first job for designing character. Yun teases her and she says that making character movement is easier for her.

They want to know about new character which Aoba should make. Aoba reads the character personality and appearance. Both Hajime and Yun say it’s the same as Aoba traits. But she gets sad after knowing, the character will likely die in dungeon. Aoba starts making her design, but is confused about its art concept. Yagami finds her searching about pigtail (on Internet). She surprises her by grabbing her pigtail and saying she has them.

She asks about her progress and Aoba replies it’s not good yet. She also comments that she has been busy in making 3D, but lately she hasn’t made any picture or drawing so she doesn’t what to do. Then, Yagami asks if she enjoys making 3D. Aoba says, she does enjoy it even it’s just making villagers design. Yagami admits that she also enjoys it. She advises her to enjoy it and believes that would help her in making new character. Rin agrees and remembers that Yagami was bullied by her senior because she took their place on team. She tells her to stop talking and Aoba returns and is encouraged by her story. She continues her work and not long after that, she finishes it.

Yagami asks about its name. Aoba is embarrassed and calls it “Sophia-chan.” But, she is shocked that the character looks like her. Yagami laughs at her and she is grumbling about it.

A while ago, Aoba finished the 2D design for Sophia-chan. Yagami orders her to make the 3D form and complete it as soon as possible. Aoba cries because Sophia will likely die in dungeon, but Yagami knows nothing about it. Rin calls her to attend a meeting and she follows her. Aoba watches how both of them do their own job and wonders whom she should take as good example. Yagami realizes what is on her mind and tells her not to think anything weird. As they leave, Aoba continues her work.

In middle of her work, she asks Hajime and Yun about what would happen if they failed in making game. They reply the game will cancelled and it will affect the worker value. Aoba worries, but Yun says that will never happen (although it’s a lie). Then, she asks Hifumi if she has finished her art work, but she answers, she still needs more days and Aoba can feel that she is depressed.

Yagami and Rin return from a meeting and tell the team that they will have to come at weekend or stay overnight because they have more works than she expected. Aoba decides, she will stay overnight to finish her 3D design. Next night, she comes with extra clothes and a sleeping bag. Yagami suddenly shut down the lamps and surprises her from behind. She grumbles about while changing her clothes in toilet. Yagami sees her and says that she is still cute.

Embarrassed, she returns to her desk and continues working. 2 hours later, she falls asleep and Yagami tells her to sleep as she is going to sleep. Aoba prepares her bear sleeping bag and tries to sleep. But she can’t as she feels that she is being watched. She calls Yagami and she scares her. Yagami asks what she is wearing and Aoba calls it “bear sleeping bag.” She tells Aoba to sleep with her or sleep in meeting room. She heads to meeting room and sleeps. In next morning, Rin asks where Aoba is and Yagami just remembers that she is still sleeping in meeting room. She tries to wake her up but she gives no respond.

In her days-off, she is waiting at outside as previously she promised Nene that they would watch an anime movie together in her days-off. While waiting for her, she wonders if Nene is all right and deduces that she is being bullied by her classmates due to her childish persona. Nene arrives and Aoba tells her not to worry. Nene laughs at her and says that she is all right. Then, they go to buy tickets, but clerk woman mistakes them as child. After that they buy popcorn and soft drinks. Aoba chooses salted popcorn and soda drink, Nene decides to choose another flavor but she complains that is too sweet.

Again, another clerk woman mistakes them as child and gives them glow sticks for under-aged kids. They watch the anime movie. One hour later, they get out and Aoba admits that the film is good. Both of them play the pose on film and a kid laughs at them. Nene wants to buy few souvenirs, but doesn’t have enough money. Aoba lends her money to buy it and tells her to returns it. Otherwise their friendship is will be over. This chapter ends as it reveals another Aoba’s activity in days-off. 

Volume 2 (Chapter 13-25)

Aoba just arrives at her work place and she surprises Hajime by sticking a cold bottle on her cheek. She asks Hajime if she always rides bicycle to her work place and her reason for it. Hajime explains that during her work she always sits on her chair and rarely moves, so she needs exercises to avoid getting fat or becoming sick. She also says, her home is far from her work place (about five stations to her work place). Hajime warns Aoba to do a little exercise, if she doesn’t, she can’t wear her little suit. Aoba wonders if she has to ride bicycle like her, but Hajime says that she just need to walk from train station to her work place.

They come in the office, but Hajime feels, the temperature is too cold and she forgets taking her jacket. Aoba sees Yun wearing long-sleeved cloth (Yun does this so her co-workers can’t see her chubby arms). She claims her arms is chubbier than usual and asks Yun if she does a diet. Then, they start to work.

While still working, she and Hifumi see that Yagami, Hajime, and Yun are bickering about setting the temperature because each one of them has set thermostat in different degree and they feel uncomfortable that is always changed. Rin gets angry and tells them to stop changing the temperature. Aoba calls her cool when angry and Hifumi asks if it’s only what she has got about Rin.

Next time, Aoba sees Yagami’s desk is empty and tries to act as real character designer while sitting at it. Hifumi sees her and she replies that she is just playing around. Still surprised, Hifumi says to her to go for it and she accepts it. Aoba feels, Yagami’s desk is still messed and she finds character design papers. Hifumi closes her eyes with her hand Aoba says, she will just take a peek. Aoba finds Yagami’s photo and Hifumi says that must be the photo when Yagami was involved in previous fairy stories project. Aoba doesn’t know and says, Yagami is a little different on the photo.

Hifumi adds that Yagami used to be very quiet and wasn’t really approachable to anyone. But one day, she changed her attitude. Rin comes and joins the conversation. She recalls that Yagami was indeed very quiet, but hard-working. She did that so she could supervise her team as leader. She also remembers that one day, her senior gave her a home-made candy and said it was bad, not long after that she has become more talkative.

Yagami comes and Aoba says, she is rooting for her. Yagami is confused why she says something like that.

In another day, Aoba is still busy with Sophia-Chan design and suddenly, a programmer, her name is Umiko, asks her if she is still designing Sophia-Chan. Aoba says yes and she explains that her design has many errors and it makes hard for her to program it. Aoba apologizes and says, she will redo the errors. Umiko sees her sad face, but tells her if she can repair it in short time, it’s ok for her.

Before leaving, Aoba asks if she might know her surname. Umiko is embarrassed and doesn’t want to answer her question. Yagami comes and says her surname, “Ahagon.” Then, she shoots Yagami with gun toy. Yagami thinks her name is good because it matches her dark-colored skin, but she still dislikes it and shoots her again with gun toy. She writes her name in Japanese and tells that she was born in Onikawa, Hokkaido. So she has dark-colored skin. However, she, with scary face, tells Aoba to call her “Umiko” she leaves her desk.

Aoba feels bad for her, but Yagami tells her not to worry because she will be thinking about it. In her desk, Umiko is thinking about scolding Aoba a while ago and decides to give her “something” after she finishes her 3D design. Few minutes later, she comes again to Aoba desk and thanks her for repairing it on short time. Then, she gives her an empty bullet shell as apology and explains her hobby on military stuff. Aoba finds it annoying, hopes that she will leave soon.

Eagle Jump Company has medical examination for its worker. Today, Aoba and her co-workers are ordered to participate as this is also company agenda and they need to check their healthiness. Aoba changes her suit with medical cloth, while undressing, Yun sees her bra and she thinks it’s cute. Aoba unbuttons it and shows its brand name to her.

They are ready, but she sees that Yagami is on okay. Rin says that she saw her own blood being taken and it scared her. Then, Yagami tells them to be careful with “that nurse.” On Aoba’s turn, a nervous young nurse comes to take her blood pressure. The nurse can’t calm down and she believes this is what Yagami meant. After taking her blood pressure, the nurse prepares a syringe to take her sample blood. But the nurse’s hand is trembling as she points it at Aoba’s arm. Luckily, she successfully takes her blood. The examination is over and Yagami asks them to join her lunch. Suddenly, Umiko points her index finger on Aoba’s cheek and says that she is wide-open. She replies it’s not fair.

Summer vacation has arrived, but Aoba is still stuck with her work as she says to Nene on smart phone. During this time, company hires part-time worker and Umiko is in charge for supervising them. The next day, Umiko gathers part-time worker, but one of them hasn’t arrived on company yet. Umiko is about to fire the part-time worker and others says that she just gets here. The late one is Nene and she is about to cry. Umiko decides to overlook it, but tells her not to come late on next day.

Aoba is still working and Yagami gives her comments about her art work. Suddenly, Aoba hides under Yagami’s desk as she looks at girl who resembles Nene. She doesn’t want to believe it, but after seeing how she is impressed by Hajime’s action figure on desk. She admits on her mind that is her friend, Nene. Umiko finds her acting strange and drags her to interrogate if she is spy from another company. As Nene cries, Aoba stops her. Then, she tells everyone Nene is his friend. They greet her and Yun says, Nene must be younger than Aoba. She says no, but Hajime thinks, both Aoba and Nene look like children.

Summer is still continues. Aoba and Nene are working as well as other workers. Nene, still playing the sample game, has a role as debugger. She finds the game is amusing, but sometimes it freezes. Aoba watches her and Rin tells them that is bug. She leaves and tells them to keep working.

Then, Yagami screams and says that her pudding has disappeared from refrigerator. Rin tells her to forget it. Nene just remembers about eating one pudding. She is shocked finding Yagami’s name on its plastic glass. Still worrying, Rin sends messages and asks everyone if they know where her pudding is. Aoba asks if it is really a big deal, meanwhile Nene is panicked and runs away from them.

The next day, Rin finds a new pudding with a paper that says an apology. She gives it to Yagami and Aoba still wonders about the thief. Rin positively says that the culprit must be nice guy as returning the stolen item. So she tells Aoba not to be hard on culprit if she ever finds him/her. Nene is blushed and Aoba asks what it is. However, she says it doesn’t matter.

On Saturday morning, Aoba still goes for working. She feels sleepy and says this day is not like weekend. She looks at a family, who want to visit the zoo and she envies that they are happy. Quietly, Yagami comes from behind and closes Aoba’s eyes. She tells her not to look and it will make her depressed if she keeps looking them. They continue to walk and see a doughnut shop that sells its products with cheap price. They decide to buy and share it to their co-workers.

They arrive at office and find Hifumi has come. Yagami tells Aoba to give it to Umiko, but she asks her why part-time workers haven’t come. Yagami says that company rules and Aoba leaves with Hifumi to give their doughnut to Umiko and the rest of programmer team. They meet Umiko and feel menacing aura around the programmer’s desk. They give the doughnut and Umiko thanks them. Then, Umiko gives Hifumi an empty grenade shell as gift. Aoba hurries and takes Hifumi away of her. She thanks Aoba for helping her. But, Aoba says that she did it because Hifumi was troubled. Again, they return to the works.

As usual, Aoba and her co-workers are working to finish the new character on their game project. However, today Yagami tells them to visit Tokyo Game Exhibition to check the preparation of their game release, Fairy Stories 3. Aoba asks if it’s really all right because they are really busy. Yagami says it’s ok and gives her a ticket and a pack of name cards. She also gives it to Hajime and Yun, as well as teaches them how to give it properly when they want to give it to anyone.

Aoba, Hajime, and Yun depart and arrive to the exhibition. They find the stall that shows the demo version of their new game and Aoba is amazed that her Sophia-chan is being used as main character. As she watches the promotional video, she realizes that Hajime and Yun has been working for almost one year just for new game. Then, they return to the office and back to work so they can make up for their late art work.

In train, Aoba still feels sleepy and Nene asks if she is all right. She is bewildered because Aoba is so eager about the company new game and why it’s so important. She even has reduced her sleep just for its design. Aoba answer that Nene wouldn’t understand and softly mocks her that college is very easy. Nene gets angry and calls her dummy.

In office, Nene confesses her bickering with Aoba as Umiko supervises her. On other hand, Aoba is so distracted and can’t focus on her work. Then, she goes to eat her lunch on cafeteria. Nene comes to Aoba’s desk, but doesn’t find her. She looks at Aoba’s art work for villagers and Sophia-chan. Yun says that she joined the company a little late and everyone has finished almost of the game characters. But she adds, Aoba has been doing well and will probably get better job.

Nene runs and tries to find her. She finds her and apologizes, so does Aoba to her. Then, Nene tells her not over-work and Aoba understands her feeling. She also adds that she will buy the new game. Later, Aoba hears Nene’s scream.

On night before tomorrow as deadline for Fairy Stories 3, everyone, including Aoba, is still working at the night. Nene, with Umiko, is still debugging the program. Then, Umiko orders Nene to buy energy drink for her and the rest of programmer team. She also tells her to buy it with Aoba, so she can watch Nene, just in case she would mess around. Aoba laughs at her as they are searching the needed items. They find energy drinks and Nene suggests that they should buy the expensive one for Umiko. She believes that Umiko might complain if they gave her a cheap thing. Aoba knows Umiko attitude and believes it might happen.

They return and give it to Umiko. She complains them, but she is also curious about it. She tries to take a sip. Umiko praises that the expensive drink is strong to make her awake. Nene tries and says it tastes like drug. Aoba calls her kid and drinks it. She coughs and Umiko thinks she is more childish than Nene. At 3.00 am, everyone is still awake and Nene has just finished her job. She also adds this day is her last day on the company as part-time worker. Nene tells everyone to look Aoba and she goes to home with her.

Two weeks have passed since Aoba and her co-workers finished the Fairy Stories 3. Her mother wakes her up because she would be late if she kept sleeping. She wakes up and remembers that her suit is still on laundry. She tries using other clothes, but she still doesn’t find the suitable one. Her mother yells at her and she asks her to choose her cloth for today.

Aoba arrives at office and Yagami is shocked seeing her in different outfit. She tells her that her suit is still on laundry. Yagami orders her to check and edit picture on the game book as introduction for gamer. Rin comes asks Aoba if she has an interview because she wears fancy clothes. Rin explains that the book publisher has interview with involved ones who made the game and she brings a change clothes for Yagami because she has an interview.

Later, Aoba stops Yagami getting out of change room because she hates to swap her clothes. After chit-chat, Yagami allows Rin to change her clothes and do her make-up. As the book is published, Aoba and her co-workers praise her photo because it’s cute.

Aoba, Rin, Yagami and her co-workers are standing on line as they intend to buy the new game which they made few months ago. They are discussing about people’s comments and worrying about its quality. After few minutes, they get inside the shop and buy their stuff. Aoba meets Nene and Hajime gives her few game souvenirs. They talk to Nene, but accidentally she spills out the new game spoilers. Luckily, the game is well-sold.

Aoba attends the celebration party for successful sale on new game. Then, she meets with her superior that she hasn’t met, Hazuki Shizuki. She replies it has been half year since Aoba joined the company and she is impressed by Sophia-chan design. Hazuki appoints Yagami as new art director, but she refuses and leaves the party hall. Hazuki explains that Yagami was art director for Fairies Story 2. However, she was too strict and a new employee on that time resigned after a half year. Until now, she is still traumatized and Aoba goes to find her.

She finds her and asks if she can write her signature on her new game that she made on the Company. Yagami gives her signature and Aoba adds, she believes on Yagami’s leadership. So it’s ok for her to become new art director. She is touched by Aoba’s words and they will keep on the same team. Then, they return to the party room. The volume 2 ends as it reveals an embarrassing moment when Rin and Yagami are drunk and when Aoba tries to talk with rice balls.  


  • Her name means "Green Leaves"; similar to Mochizuki Momiji's, which means "Red Leaves"
  • According to an official Fairies Story artbook, she was initially designed to be 20 years old, graduated from a gaming college, and with Hiragana name instead of the current Kanji name.

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