Relationships Edit

Ko Yagami Edit

Aoba admires Ko as her idol, and was inspired to be a character designer by Ko's involvement in the first Fairies Story game. Despite their unusual first encounter, Aoba still holds high respect for Ko and her work, and strives to become her equal.

Aoba soon learns the difference in their standards when Ko rejects her villager model. After multiple retakes, she begins to lose hope, until Rin reveals that Ko has high expectations of her. Revitalized, she works on her model once more, and finally receives approval from Ko. As she continues working, Aoba's standards also continue to rise.

Seeing her progress, Ko assigns her to design an original character for the game. However, Aoba struggles to create an acceptable design. In an attempt to encourage her, Ko shows all the villagers Aoba has created in action. Aoba eventually finishes the character design and it's model.

After the development of Fairies Story 3 has concluded, she learns that Ko was originally the art director for Fairies Story 2, but stepped down due to a new employee quitting under her supervision. She approaches Ko, saying that she is a boss that Aoba looks up to, and encourages her to become an art director again.

Hifumi Takimoto Edit

Hifumi is a shy person and is Aoba's co-worker and friend. Because of Aoba's earnest personality and her willingness to become friends with Hifumi, they are now close with each other.

Nene Sakura Edit

Nene is Aoba's friend ever since preschool. Despite Nene not being an artist, she still accompanied Aoba as a member of the Art club. Nene cares for Aoba very much, and cherishes their friendship.

Hotaru Hoshikawa Edit