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Superiors Edit

Yagami, Kou Edit

Aoba's superior. Aoba admires her ever since Kou's involvement as the designer for the first Fairies Story game

Hazuki, Shizuku Edit

Touyama, Rin Edit

Co-workers Edit

Takimoto, Hifumi Edit

Hifumi is a shy person and is Aoba's co-worker and friend. Because of Aoba's earnest personality and her willingness to become friends with Hifumi, they are now close with each other.

Iijima, Yun Edit

Shinoda, Hajime Edit

Ahagon, Umiko Edit

Friends Edit

Sakura, Nene Edit

Nene is Aoba's friend ever since pre-school. Despite Nene not being an artist, she still accompanied Aoba as a member of the Art club. Nene cares for Aoba very much, and Aoba cherishes her friendship with Nene

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