This is the second volume of the New Game! manga.

Chapters Edit

  • #13 - A/C Wars
  • #14 - Working Through the Weekend
  • #15 - It's Umiko
  • #16 - Health Check-up
  • #17 - Summer Break?
  • #18 - Pudding
  • #19 - Gift
  • #20 - Tokyo Game Exhibition
  • #21 - Fight
  • #22 - Last Day
  • #23 - Strategy Guide
  • #24 - Recon!
  • #25 - Step Up

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Plot Edit

Chapter 13 Edit

Hajime is seen cycling to work and comments on the heat. Aoba greets her with a frozen drink to her cheeks. She asks if Hajime lives nearby, seeing her cycle to work. She replies that she lives five stations away, believing it is necessary to exercise as they sit around all day. Seeing Hajime's body, Aoba notes her body is a bit pudgy. Hajime recommends she leaves one stop early to travel to work. Aoba then asks for a bike recommendation; Hajime suggests she walks instead.

Entering the office, they note how cool it is inside. Yun greets them, and Aoba notices her long sleeves. In truth, Yun has gained weight and conceals her pudgy arms with long sleevs. While she worries about it, Hajime and Aoba continue their conversation about weight loss. Hearing this, Yun asks if they are thinking about a diet. Aoba replies, thinking she may need to lose weight. She then asks if Yun is the type of person who secretly diets all the time; Yun rebuts this claim.

While they continue their work, Hajime becomes more uncomfortable with cold, and tries to increase the temperature on the thermostat. Thinking nobody will notice, she turns it up by 4 degrees. Meanwhile, Kou feels the heat and turns the temperature down by six degrees. Hajime observes the lower temperature and turns up the thermostat by eight degrees. Yun also feels the heat, but endures it as she thinks it will help her sweat, thereby losing weight. Kou notices the temperature has risen again, and turn it down eight degrees. She hides in a corner to catch the person responsible for raising the temperature.

Kou then spots Yun, who increased the temperature by eight degrees. She and asks if she was the one raising the temperature all this time. Hajime pops out and claims responsibility for the temperature. She and Kou argue about messing with the thermostat, but stop when Rin intervenes. She wants the three to compromise, lest they are banned from touching the thermostat. Seeing her actions, Aoba plans to act like Rin.

Chapter 14 Edit

Aoba arrives at the office and notices nobody has arrived yet. She checks Kou's seat, which was also empty. She takes a seat and pretends to be a character designer, and is discovered by Hifumi, who encourages her to do her best. Aoba notes how messy Kou's desk is, and takes a peek at her drawings. She remarks that she made many revisions, although the difference is minor. Hifumi comments that Kou is often seen struggling. Aoba looks at Rin's desk and notes their contrast.

Aoba spots a picture of Rin and Kou with a copy of the first Fairies Story, and sees that she looks different than usual. Hifumi revealed that she did not talk much in the past. She made an effort to talk to Hifumi a few months later, as they were sitting next to each other. Aoba remarks that Hifumi is also talking more than when she first joined. Hifumi claims she finds it easy to talk to her.

Soon, Rin arrives and they ask what Kou was like in the past. She mentions that Kou was quite frank and a hard worker, but lacks communication and had poor relationships with her coworkers at the time. Rin states that Kou cannot lead like that so she is working hard to improve, and is glad everyone is getting along well. Hifumi also wants to change, but dreads the thought of doing so. After a while, Kou arrives with a big bag, planning to spend more nights in the office. Aoba assumes she still does not like interacting with people and roots for her.

Chapter 15 Edit

Are programmers approaches Aoba and mentions about the errors the latter's NPCs were producing. She asks Aoba if somebody warned her about the errors; the latter said none, including Kou, making the programmer curse the latter. She explains how multiple small errors can lead to massive errors, but sees that Aoba slumped. She tries to act nice and states that it is not a problem if she fixes it soon, and gives Aoba a list of all the errors.

Aoba asks for the programmers name, who replies Umiko. She asks for her surname, and Kou comes in calling Umiko by her surname, Ahagon, making the latter produce a gun and shoot Kou. Umiko tells Kou to stop calling her by surname, which the latter dismiss stating that it suits her. Umiko refutes and shoots more rounds at Kou. Thinking of her odd name, Umiko explains that she is from Okinawa, but asks that Aoba refers to her as Umiko. She asks Kou to teach her newbies properly, and leaves. Kou tells Aoba to not feel bad, as Umiko is a good person and probably thinks that she went overboard.

Umiko thinks that she went overboard and thinks of an apology gift. Umiko comes back to Aoba's booth, thanking the latter for immediately fixing the errors and apologizing for being strict. Umiko gives her a treasured shotgun shell to Aoba. Umiko discuss about the value of the shotgun shell before giving it to Aoba while stating she got carried away. Aoba thanks Umiko and asks if she is into military. Umiko invites Aoba to a game of airsoft before talking about FPS games. While Umiko enters her own world, Aoba hopes she will leave soon.

Chapter 16 Edit

Chapter 17 Edit

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Chapter 20 Edit

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Chapter 24 Edit

Chapter 25 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sojiro makes no appearances in this volume.
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