Ko Yagami (八神 コウ Yagami Kō?) is the lead character designer of Eagle Jump. She was the character designer for the game that inspired Aoba to become one herself.

Appearance Edit

Kou has long blond hair and light blue eyes. She keeps her outfit simple with a plain black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. She is sometimes seen wearing her work lanyard as well.

Personality Edit

Though she has a laid-back attitude, brutally honest, dense, a sweet tooth and somewhat a goofball; she is a genius at character designing, quite stern and a bit of perfectionist. Kou often works overnight to complete her work and sleeps at the office. She gets easily drunk and is also Rin's close friend.

It is implied by Rin that Kou's goofball and laid-back attitude is the latter's coping mechanism as a result of the suffering incurred from being bullied.

History Edit

Her hometown is Tokyo. Kou joined Eagle Jump at the age of 18, straight out of high school. At the same year, she won the Fairies Story 1 art contest making her the Lead Character Designer at a young age. Having no social skills and being a Lead Character Designer, Kou has no friends aside from Rin and was often being bullied by her seniors.

She became the Art Director for Fairies Story 2 but immediately step down from being depressed when a new employee under her quits.

Plot Edit

Volume 1 (Chapter 1-12.5) Edit

Kou is first seen being awoken from sleeping with only underwear. She believes Aoba is a middle schooler which the latter contradicts. Rin comes up giving Kou the coffee she brews for herself while explaining Aoba's circumstances. Kou complains about the coffee's taste and switches it with Aoba's, asking if she drinks black coffee which the latter states she's fine. Kou is surprised when Aoba begins coughing after drinking the coffee.

Kou asks Aoba's age and makes fun of her stating that Aoba doesn't even look like a high schooler. She, then, a sks Aoba to guess her age which the latter is reluctant to answer. Aoba sees the Fairies Story 1 poster and compliments it. Kou states it was the first game she worked on making Aoba think that she's at her thirty. Kou complains and states that she's only 25 and started working at the age of 18 much like Aoba. Rin butts in and asks Aoba to also guess her age which the latter answer 23 making Kou complains that they are of the same age.

Kou listens to Aoba's reasoning of becoming a Character Designer. She is, then, introduced by Rin as that Ko Yagami Aoba admires. Kou notices how Aoba's attitude changes after the introduction and listen as Aoba stutters that she will do her best.

Kou is seen again, laughing at Aoba's expense of trying to talk to Hifumi. Being a good supervisor she is, she sends a message to Aoba and wishing her to do her best before attending a meeting with Rin. A worn out Kou comes back, sees a message Aoba left for her and is very surprised how Hifumi manages to influence Aoba that fast. She sends another message to Aoba about the proper way of using company messages which the latter comes up to her while saying sorry.

Kou goes to the toilet only to see Aoba sitting on the floor, crying. She asks Aoba and the latter answers that she doesn't have an ID yet. Kou returns to her and Rin's booth with Aoba while complaining about the management slacking off but Rin asks her if she already took Aoba's photo for ID which she clearly forgot. Kou takes Aoba for a photo shoot.

Kou asks Aoba why she's wearing a school uniform which the latter states that it is, in fact, a suit. Kou tells Aoba to wear it properly and helps her unbutton her collar suit. Kou, then, thought that Aoba looks too young that it doesn't look good on her. Kou says "never mind" which made Aoba says she knew what Kou was thinking. Then, Kou complains about the poor lighting. The two comes up to Hajime and Kou asks for her light-saber so she can take a photo of Aoba. Afterward, Kou asks Aoba to wait for the ID.

Kou hears Hajime telling about her bad habits making her hit the latter's head. She gives Aoba the ID and tells them to get back to work before asking Aoba's progress. Later on, she enters the bathroom and sees Aoba sitting on the floor and crying, again.

Kou states to Aoba after checking her work, that her 3D model is stiff and boring. She made Aoba redo her work. A week earlier, Kou educates Aoba about the importance of NPCs, letting Aoba sees Hifumi's works making Aoba says she'll do her best to Hifumi who is startled. A day after, Kou wakes up and sees Aoba early at work. She greets her good morning which Aoba responded before asking her to put a skirt on. Aoba asks Kou to look at her work which Kou finally accepts. Kou, then, states it took Aoba more than a week to finish and now she's planning to give Aoba another work that the latter must finish within 3 days.

After work, Kou joins on the welcome party for Aoba. She makes Aoba eat a spicy takoyaki. Kou asks if Aoba has a boyfriend which the latter denies while stating that Kou must have one which Kou also denies while blushing making Hajime ask what she's embarrassed about. Kou states her reasoning for not having one after drinking a cup of alcohol. Kou is stopped by Rin who took her cup and drink from it. Rin becomes drunk and states she doesn't have one too. Rin makes Kou refill her drink stating Aoba to look how to properly pour alcohol.

After the Party, Kou asks who's up for an After-party but Hajime needs to take Yun home while Hifumi is already gone ending with only her, Aoba and a very drunk Rin visiting a bar. Aoba orders a “Orange Blossom” which Kou says is an alcohol.

A few days later, Kou is laughing at Hajime while stating that Hajime is easy to read. She is asked by Rin for a spare tablet pen which she doesn't have. She smirks and then asks Aoba and Hajime to go buy one. Rin thinks that Kou too, is easy to read.

After Aoba and Hajime return, Kou tells them good job and is startled on Hajime's change of attitude. She asks Hajime what's up then looks at Aoba who shakes her head rapidly.

Next Morning, Kou states that their area is pretty quiet making Rin answers that the other's are probably late. Kou complains how their team gotten so lax and states she'll give them the talk which Hajime asks if she can. Aoba, Hifumi and Yun walk in and Kou starts drilling them for being late. She then directs it to Aoba who she states is still a newbie. Hifumi and Yun butt in and try to talk to Kou about what happened to Aoba outside the building. Kou asks if Aoba is alright and says that she'll make sure the three is not mark as late. Kou complains to Rin that it's the only time she acts like that but she still fails. Rin tells Kou to listen first and kou says that she'll remember.

Minutes later, Kou asks the late trio about their tardy slip. She asks Aoba and Yun while they put oversleeping as an excuse and demands to redo it. She, then, asks Hifumi about hers, which the latter states that her breakfast is delicious making Kou states that she's not talking about it and Hifumi should not draw emoticons on official documents. Kou ends up complaining to Rin again.

While Aoba and the others discuss how their first paycheck was spent, Kou butts in when it's time for Rin to tell hers stating that she also want to know. Rin gets angry and states that Kou is unbelievable for forgetting. Kou is pinched on the cheeks by Rin while the latter states what the two of them had done making Kou says sorry and that she began to remember. Kou says that Rin doesn't need to be angry about it why rubbing her cheeks. Rin asked where did they go and Kou ran away.

After a few talks, Kou returns and ask Hifumi what the latter is spending her paycheck for. Hifumi states that its for cosplay outfit and Kou asks for a picture.

Days later, Kou gives her comment on Aoba's designs. Realizing it is already late, she let Aoba go home. Few hours later, Kou, finally alone, removes her skirt and states that its better and Rin asked her what is. Kou is startled with Rin being there at that time. Rin answer she missed the last train and Kou should be careful. Kou encourage Rin to take hers off too which the latter states is still embarrassing even in front of Kou.The two discuss about Kou's habit of staying at night, how the night will be pretty lively soon and if the game will sell. Rin states that Kou is strong and Kou ask if its about being the Art Director getting into the former. Rin says that Kou should be the AD which Kou rebutts and states that it is because of Rin that she can concentrate on work and then complains about herself. The two start talking about their character team which Rin ends up saying Kou is strict.

Kou, getting back to work, let a gasp when her computer froze and compain about 3Ds. She then concentrates on her character designs.

Rin wakes up seeing Kou with only underwear, she puts a blanket on Kou and wonder if it is really refreshing. Kou wakes up with Rin taking her pants off and Rin states its not what it looks like. Aoba comes in and Rin nudge Kou to hide as the latter ask why she needed to. Aoba says something which made Kou laugh and Rin silence her. Aoba finds the two half naked with Rin above Kou.

Kou walks in on Aoba stretching Hifumi's cheeks as the latter stares at her phone and asks what the two are doing. She then ask Aoba if she had her lunch which Aoba says she won't be taking so Kou gives her a Riceball. Kou left after giving Aoba an advice.

Kou's Day Off and Rin's Day Off - Kou sleeps all day and wakes up in the evening while stating she's hungry. She then decided to just eat tomorrow. Kou wakes up again because of the doorbell and is greeted by Rin who brought her food. Kou eats as she states that the food is good making Rin thank her.

Kou is checking Aoba's design and ok'ed saying that Aoba finished her job on NPCs. Kou gives her a new task in character designing. Kou find Aoba searching about pigtails making her grab Aoba's pigtail while saying Aoba has them.

Kou asks Aoba's progress and Aoba states that she's not getting anywhere then states that it's because she hasn't been drawing ever since starting which Kou says she should stop making excuses. Aoba ask Kou about her first competition. Kou states that it was around Aoba's age when she won and became the lead character designer. Rin then states that Kou was bullied for it. Aoba states that she kind of understand why Kou was being bullied and that if its her she'll also be frustrated and jealous. Kou agrees with her saying that it is because she love their job. Kou then asks Aoba if she enjoy making NPCs which the latter says she did and even let Aoba see her NPCs in game.

Hajime states that she also loves making motions for Aoba's NPCs. She then says that if she became the lead designer and Kou's boss, she'll prohibits honorifics which Kou and the others states that they'll quit.

Kou ok'ed Aoba's character design and ask for its name which Aoba says is embarrassing.before telling. Aoba, then, notice that the character looks like her and grumbles as Kou laugh at her.

Kou asks Aoba to make a 3D model of her Character 'Sophia-chan'. Aoba states that Sophia-chan will die and Kou says that nothing can be done about it. Rin calls Kou for meeting and Aoba looks at them both, Kou realizes what Aoba is thinking and states that Aoba is thinking weird.

Kou explains that they need to work on evening or on weekends because of Rin's miscalculation which the latter is sorry about.

Kou and Aoba stays overnight. The latter brought a sleeling bag which Kou states that Aoba's fired up. Kou turned the lights off and scares Aoba. Kou wakes Aoba when the latter doze off on her desk, stating that she too will sleep. Kou is awoken by Aoba who can't sleep. Kou states that Aoba can sleep either beside her or in a meeting room with Aoba decides the latter. Morning comes, Kou is asked by Rin if Aoba is getting breakfast and Kou remembers that she's sleeping in one of the meeting rooms. Kou tries to wake Aoba but Aoba give no response.

Volume 2 (Chapter 13-25) Edit

Kou is awaken by her alarm clock and tries to sleep again but a call from Rin prevents her to do so. She answers the call and greets the caller a Good Morning. She, then, seen coming out of the bath. She watches TV while eating breakfast and starts to doze off when another call prevents her again.

Kou is designing a character when she feels the heat coming from the LCD. She stood up and turn down the thermostat. Minutes later, she stares at the thermostat that is turned up by 8 degrees and turns it down again. Kou, then, hides to catch the person who turns the thermostat up.

Kou sees Yun turning up the thermostat and confront the latter but, then, Hajime walks in and claims that she's the person turning the thermostat up. Kou and Hajime argues about the A/C with Yun in the middle. The argument breaks off when an angry Rin walks in. Kou and Hajime states their reasoning about changing the temperature and Rin rebuts them stating that no one will change the thermostat again if the two won't compromise. Kou and Hajime ok'ed.

After a day of Aoba learning about her past, Kou walks in. Aoba asks Kou why she's coming in at night and the latter states that she'll work overnight and with that she won't need to watch over everyone. Aoba states that she's rooting for Kou which made the latter confused.

Kou walks in on Umiko talking to Aoba. She calls Umiko by her surname earning a head-shot from the latter. Kou argues that Umiko's surname matches the latter's appearance earning her more head-shots. When Umiko left, Kou reassures Aoba and tells that Umiko is probably thinking that she went overboard.

A very worn out Kou is seen using Rin's lap as a pillow. Aoba asks what happened and Rin states that Kou sees her blood making her nausous. Kou rebuts stating that its not about it and warns them about a nurse. A while after, Kou is seen again, still using Rin's lap as a pillow while the latter watches TV. Rin watches a scene as the same as her and Kou's current position, making her blush and looks at Kou who, she realized, is asleep. After the check-up, Kou stretches her arms as they leave the hospital and invited the gang to eat which Hajime and Yun accepted while stating that it's Kou's treat.

Kou is giving pointers to Aoba when the latter begins to act strange and hides. She, then, is asked by Aoba about new employees. Kou asks Rin about the part-time debuggers the company hires which Rin answers. Kou asks Aoba what is wrong as the latter is still acting strange. She's even more confuse when Aoba stood up and states 'I see.'

Kou understands why Aoba starts acting strange when the latter introduces her best friend and states an apology to them. Kou talks to Umiko that there's no one that would spy on them. Umiko rebuts stating that she's a spy before making Kou reacts on shock. Umiko, then, states it's only a joke.

Kou walks in on Umiko talking to Rin who's with Aoba and Nene. She calls for Rin stating it's an emergency and tells that her pudding has gone missing.. Rin left with Umiko and Kou and Aoba starts talking about the game's beta version. Kou left after saying that Aoba needs to work hard for her remaining NPCs.

Kou calls Rin and states that she covers Aoba's overdue works. Rin asks Kou if she found her pudding which the latter states that she did not. Rin sends a message to the whole company about Kou's missing pudding and Aoba comes in and ask if the pudding is that important. Kou says its not and tells Rin that she made it into a big deal.

The next day, Kou, Rin, Aoba and Nene are eating lunch. The former three talks about the game's beta version when Aoba gives a pudding to Kou, thanking her for helping on her overdue works. Aoba, then, asks if Kou found who steals the latter's pudding and Kou states she didn't. Rin stood up and opens the fridge and see a pudding for Kou. Rin gives the pudding to Kou who thank her by giving it to her. The two eat the puddings before Kou says that she's tired and asks if she can leave.

Kou shocks Aoba when she put her hand on the latter's eye and states that Aoba should not look. The two hears about donuts being 50% off and agrees to buy for everyone. The two arrives at Eagle Jump and greeted Hifumi and is startled that Hifumi also bought donuts. Kou states that they should also give donuts to other teams. Aoba asks Kou why part-timers cannot work on weekends which Kou answers. Kou takes one of the box and gives it to the planning team.

Kou gives tickets and business cards to Aoba, Yun and Hajime for a game exhibition. She watches as Hajime and Aoba exchange business card in a wrong way and thought that she probably forgot to teach them. Kou teaches the trio how to properly exchange business cards.

Kou greeted the three a welcome back and is surprise by how fired up the three is. She thinks that the three is easy to read and asks what is Hifumi's doing.

Kou walks in to Aoba eating and ask about the former being alone. Aoba also ask Kou about the latter being alone which Kou answers that Rin dumped her. Aoba gives a plain "oh" as response and Kou tells Aoba that she's just joking. Kou and Aoba talks about Aoba's fight with Nene and Kou says that she's know what Aoba's feeling for her mother often do that to her.

Kou tells Aoba a good job when Aoba states that she finished fixing errors. Aoba then notice how everything seems normal around and Kou says it is thank to Rin's management. Rin responses that something could go wrong and Kou stops her from being negative.

Kou states how quiet it is that everyone must have been worn out to Aoba who greets her a good evening. She, then, says that she can't strip wtih many people around and Aoba states that she prefer it that way. The two talks about how Aoba manage to integrates into the company in just half a year and how Kou is jealous of her for that. Nene walks in and the three talks about the energy drink Aoba and Nene sips earlier. Nene says that she can go home when the trains stops and Kou states that Aoba can go home too after the final checking. Nene bow and thanks Kou for watching out for Aoba. Kou watches as Aoba tries to console a crying Nene.

Kou greets Aoba who she didn't recognize at first before asking her if she will make any correction on 'Sophia-chan' who will be printed out on the game's strategy guide. Rin walks in and talk to Aoba about the interview. Rin states that she bring a change of clothes for Kou who is startled. Kou says she don't want to change and the two argues with Aoba backing Rin up.

Kou is ordered to strip by Rin but she tells that she don't want to be seen like that and make Rin turn around. Kou tries to sneak out hurting Aoba who's guarding the door. Kou tells that it's embarrassing but Aoba rebuts her by stating that Kou should trust Rin. Kou allows Rin to change her clothes and do her make-up. The two praises Kou's cutenes. Rin snap a few photos of Kou while Aoba tries to find the interview section of the preceeding strategy guide of Fairies Story. She, then, praises Kou's cuteness by telling that its not the photo.

Kou is taken into photoshoot with Rin watching her while thinking that bringing Kou clothes is the right choice.

Later, Aoba scans the new strategy guide, stopping at Kou's photo and calls out to Kou, saying that her picture comes out cute. Yun, Hajime and Hifumi looks at Kou's photo and discuss about Kou's cuteness. Kou yells that she can't take it anymore when Rin joins the four.

Kou and the gang stands on the line and discuss about people's comments on the game they made. After buying, they meet up with Nene who bought the game's extra's from another store. Nene exchange with Hajime and Kou ask why they need to buy it. The two answers and Hajime ask Kou why she also buy one which Kou states is for a memento. The gang talks until Nene accidentally spills the twist in the game's story. Luckily, the game is well-sold.

Kou attends the celebration party and is one of the speakers. Kou introduces herself but forgot what to say afterwards. She is encourage by her subordinates and manages finish her speech. Kou introduces Aoba to the Director Shizuku Hazuki. Kou, then, learns that she'll be appointed as the new Art Director, she refuses and learn that Rin want to work as a producer.

Kou leaves the party and sit outside, Aoba follows her and ask for the former's autograph. Aoba persuades Kou to be the Art Director, stating that Kou is the boss that she respect. Kou, touched by Aoba's word, nearly cries. She hides it with a joke before thanking Aoba for giving her confidence. The two return to the party and is greeted by their co-workers.

The volume 2 ends with an omake. A very drunk Kou collides on a utility pole and says sorry to it. Aoba comes running to Kou. Seconds later, a very drunk Rin walks in and joke about traffic accidents and Kou's name. The two sits on the sidewalk when an officer starts talking to Aoba. Nene walks in with an airsoft gun asking everyone's doing before seeing the officer and hiding the gun immediately.